“Just Design” is now…”Imtevion”!!!

When the company was founded in 2011, the name “Just Design” was ideal as it represented the philosophy, the style and the primary service of the agency which was design in the fields of visual communication and the web. As our business and services expanded the idea of ​​a new company name was born. That is why we decided that “Just Design” could no longer represent the range of our services that we are able to offer in our clients.

The word “rebranding”, although it initially creates excitement, simultaneously creates fear among professionals. The big question that arises is “How will a new brand name be received by customers?”

Evaluating all these factors and believing in our capabilities and experience, we proceeded with redesigning and renaming of our business .The aim is to communicate the totality of our present and future products / services, setting us apart from the competitors in the industry.

For these reasons “Just Design” bacame… “Imtevion” !

Imtevion is an abstract word that emerged from the synthesis of some fundamental elements in the traditional and new media. Elements that have been used throughout the years in the graphic and web design industries. By mixing parts of words such as image, text, video, and animation…”Imtevion” was born!


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